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Hope Care Agency


‘I have two regular care workers who help me and provide support every day. They are kind and friendly, as well as on time. It feels like they are more like my friends in terms of how helpful and welcoming they are.’ 

Mrs. M.A.                                


‘My father is very particular about the way he wants things done and things to be around him. He has three regular care workers who understand him and his needs. He likes to be and feel independent in his own house. He is a proud man and his care workers provide all the support he requires within his own home. He is happy and content, which makes me feel relieved and assured that he is well looked after.’ 

Miss A. M.

West London

‘I have found that staff members of the agency are very helpful and polite. They are well-mannered and eager to help. If a care worker is unable to come around and provide the support I need to look after my disabled son, they’re the first ones to call and apologize before sending me someone else who is just as qualified as my usual care provider.’ 

Mrs. R.D

East London

‘It is good to know that there are individuals out there who really care and take their work seriously. The kindness that they show and the care work that they provide is second to none and I would highly recommend them.’ 

Mr. M. F

North London

‘For someone who has been independent all of their lives, such as myself, the sudden changes that have occurred in my life made things very uncomfortable at the beginning. However, life started becoming more bearable and the joyous side of life started becoming more apparent thanks to the care worker who has been sent to me by Hope Care Agency. She is more than a care worker, as she has become my friend and looks after me and my needs at all times.’ 

Miss R.L

West London


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